Broken Ankle Recovery

Broken Ankle Recovery Time

When someone breaks an ankle the broken ankle recovery time can vary. This all depends on the severity of the injury and what caused it. For an average type of broken ankle, it can take up to six weeks to fully heal. But in more severe cases it can take months and surgery may also have to be done to correct the problem. It is important to keep the ankle elevated and to rest the ankle for a period of time. If these procedures are not followed, that too can change the broken ankle recovery time.

A broken ankle happens when one of the ankle bones becomes fractured. The ankle bones that most commonly become fractured are the fibula and the tibia. The symptoms of a broken ankle include extreme pain, swelling of the ankle, discoloration and weakness in the ankle area. There can also be an obvious deformity of the ankle due to the break.

Broken ankle recovery unfortunately takes some time, even if the injury isn’t considered dangerous. A clean break means that a simple fracture has occurred and there is no protruding bones seen on the skin. There will also be no signs of bone shifting. This is the best case scenario when a person suffers with a broken ankle. The broken ankle recovery time for this type of injury is around six weeks. The doctor can place the ankle in a split or cast and the healing can begin. But there are other more severe ankle injuries that need more time and medical care.

Severe broken ankles can happen when a person accidentally falls on the ankle area instead of the bottom of the foot. This can occur while running or jumping. Excessive rolling of the ankle joints from side to side or an intense force on the joint by landing while the ankle is in the wrong position can produce a severe type of injury.

During the injury process, other tissues can become damaged. The ligaments in the ankle can be pulled or torn and they can even tear. If the ligaments are torn, surgery will have to be done to correct the problem. But if the ligament is slightly pulled, the doctor might decide to repair the damaged bone and set it as soon as possible to make sure the ligament goes back to normal. When a ligament is severely pulled or torn, you will usually hear a loud popping sound.

A doctor will decide what treatment is right for the specific break. With less severe types of breaks, he may just place a splint on the ankle for two to six weeks. This is ample time for the swelling to go down and the fracture to fully heal. But when the bone has shifted, the doctor may choose to realign it before setting it in a cast. On rare occasions, surgery may have to be done to properly align the broken bone. If the swelling and dislocation of the bone goes down while it is in the cast, the doctor will take the cast off and replace with a smaller one. He will also prescribe pain medication for discomfort and medication to relax the muscles.

Most people who suffer from ankle injuries make full recoveries. No matter how long the broken ankle recovery takes. The only concern for people, who have suffered from this condition, is the risk of having arthritis in the future. This also depends on the amount of damage done by the initial injury. If the joint was damaged severely and it was a bad type of fracture, the chances go up for developing arthritis.